H  E  L  P     U  S     K  E  E  P     T  H  I  S     
P  R  O  J  E  C  T      R  U  N  N  I  N  G  . . .

Women in Jazz is a not-for-profit podcast. Until recently I was running it at a loss, paying for things like equipment, web hosting and podcast hosting out of my own pocket: not taking into account all the hours of work that go into making this happen. If you'd like to help keep this project running, or are keen to see it grow, donations are very welcome and helpful!!

I'd love to give a shout-out to all our Patreon donors, in particular Emily Bell, Sean Mac An Bhaird, Siobhan de Little, Nina Rulié, Christian Frommelt, Alina Warnock, Duncan Stuart, Vivien Pizzini and Frieda Gast for their generous monthly donations. I'm finally able to cover my base annual expenses, so thank you all so much!! Anyone else is still welcome to donate - any further funds will go towards paying for other costs incurred, like academic resources, funds for travel, some soon-to-be-needed software, and future goals of the project! <3

ways you can donate:

You can make a small monthly donation to the Podcast via our Patreon.

VIP Patrons will be thanked here on our website, and we'll also include a link to your band/event/website, etc


Indiegogo coming soon! For the moment, contact Earanee via social media or email

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